Since being bit by the travel bug in my 20s, I’ve been travelling the world in bits and pieces. I hope you enjoy reading about my occasional adventures!


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About Me

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About Me

Welcome to my blog, A Casual Odyssey!


I love to travel. And as much as it’s wonderful exploring new cultures and locations, I’ve always enjoyed reflecting on my travel experiences and observations by sharing them with others.


My first travel blog was published (way) back in 2008 on a trip through Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. At that time, “blogging” wasn’t even a term we used yet. Sharing my travels in 2008 meant hours of expensive dial-up in internet cafes, and hoping not to lose my connection while photos uploaded at an utterly agonizing pace.


Now it’s significantly easier to journal my adventures and share them instantly with friends and followers back home.

I hope you enjoy my blog!